Vicky presents at Concordia’s Undergraduate Research Showcase. Thank you for the fantastic work done this summer on the microbiome2brain project!


Vanessa is now an Affiliate Professor in the Biology Department at Concordia University. Looking forward to continuing fruitful collaborations with members of the Department and welcoming students to conduct interdisciplinary research in genomics and human health !


This study is being conducted by Vanessa Dumeaux, PhD of the Concordia’s PERFORM Centre and has approval from the Comité central d’éthique de la recherche du ministre de la Santé et des Services Sociaux.


This free event will be complemented by three days of professional development activities and methodology workshops .

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30 Mar 2019

We are grateful to the PERFORM Centre for their support of our new microbiome2brain project exploring changes in the gut microbiome and brain activity associated with an exercise training intervention. We would also like to congratulate Vicky Brunet who was awarded a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award to work on this project.

Finally we would like to thank Concordia University for their support of our Team Startup grant that will build a high-resolution map of cancer immunity in HER2+ breast cancer patients.

This year workshop at McGill University’s Bellairs Research Station in Holetown (Barbados) brings together a broad group of researchers with expertise in developing single-cell genomics or massively parallel reporter assays, or computational approaches associated with these technologies. Collectively, participants have experience in a variety of contexts from exploring microbial and tumor microenvironments, to epigenetic and transcriptional regulation.

See you there!

The 5th annual Canadian Conference on Epigenetics to be held in Estérel, Quebec.

Congrats to Bjorn for the release of Reproducible Data Analysis Pipelines for Precision Medicine. on biorxiv. Code available at

Looking forward to attending the Systems Genetics of Cancer Workshop in Portland, Oregon, to discuss the latest research in cancer evolution and much more.

21 May 2018

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