07 Aug 2020

My collaborators and I have a posdoctoral position open related to a project in cancer genomics and informatics, specifically breast ductal in situ carcinoma (DCIS).

The project is led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of Prof Michael Hallett at Concordia (Montreal), Dr E Rakovitch at Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto), myself and collaborators at the OICR (Toronto), UBC (Vancouver) and MD Anderson (Texas), providing an excellent training environment. This is a CIHR funded project and involves the analysis of a large collection of profiles of DCIS tumors towards specific clinical end-points.

We really need someone here who has a solid background in statistics and data science, preferably with previous experience in the genomics and bioinformatics arenas.

The position would be co-superivsed by Prof Hallett and myself. We are happy to work with you to provide a sufficient level of understanding with respect to the underlying biology and clinical aspects of the project.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Ph.D. in biostatistics, computational biology, data science, epidemiology, or related disciplines
  • expertise in manipulation, analysis, and visualization of high-throughput genomics data
  • programming experience using R and/or Python.

Duration: 1 year (but with potential for longer) Salary: 60K / year + benefits Location: Canada (Montreal or remotely within the country)

All of our groups are extremely diverse and happy to assist you get settled both in life and research. Montreal has a very good standard of living, is culturally diverse and is an active research hub with four universitie and two research hospital systems. Canada has an excellent social system with affordable child care and parental leave. We are more than happy to accomodate any special needs or requirements including those related to covid-19. If there are any private or personnal issues that raise concerns about Canada, Montreal or our groups, we would be happy to direct you to related support groups or trained personnal for those issues.

Please send a CV to vanessa.dumeaux@concordia.ca or michael.hallett@concordia.ca. Please ensure that you describe your previous academic training, research experience or other items you deem relevant to this position.