01 Sep 2023

April 2023 marks the first year of the Dumeaux lab at Western.πŸŽ‰

Ray and honor thesis student Teddy have made significant progress in advancing our microbial single-cell RNA profiling platform. Emily’s efforts led to the successful analysis of our initial DNA profiles from in-situ cancer tumors. We are also proud of our collaboration with 3rd-year Computational Biochemistry students β€” Mohamed, Joshua Jackson, and Alice β€” on their BIOCHEM-3383F project.

A sincere thank you to Eliseos John Mucaki for representing our research at the 2022 & 2023 London Oncology Research and Education Day.

🌞 This summer was exciting. Mohamed received Western’s DUROP Summer Research Award, and we were pleased to welcome Akshay, who was awarded the MITACS Globalink Internship Award.

πŸ‚ As the new semester starts, we are happy to welcome new talents to our team: Dalwinder (post-doc), Aybars (PhD), and Noor (MSc). 🌟 Further, congratulations to Aybars and Noor for securing the Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit fellowship, backed by Breast Cancer Canada.

Mohamed and Alice have continued their journey with us, focusing on their honor thesis, and we are excited to have Rishi from Microbiology and Immunology onboard. Rishi will continue Akshay’s work in developing our microbial single-cell platform, aiming to characterize the effect of acetate-based treatment on the microbiome (in collaboration with J Burton).

Lastly, our gratitude extends to The Cancer Research Society/CIHR-Institute of Cancer Research and Western’s Collaborative Research Seed Grant. Their support is instrumental to our ongoing research into systemic immune markers for high-risk breast cancer patients. We have also launched the SysNeoBC study with our clinical collaborators at St Jo (Kalan Lynn, Dr. Brackstone, Dr Parsyan). We are grateful for the support of Lakni, an undergraduate work-study student, and Evelyn and Arad, two undergraduate volunteers in the lab this year. Thank you!

Dumeaux & Hallett labs, Summer 2023, London, ON