MIxT: breast tumor and blood transcriptional profiles

V Dumeaux, B Fjukstad, M Hallett 2018

The Matched Interaction Across Tissues (MIxT) is a system designed for exploring and comparing transcriptional profiles from two or more matched tissues across individuals.

In the website linked here, we explore molecular interactions between primary tumors and blood gene expression profiles for a cohort of breast cancer patients.

There are three associated github repositories:

  • MIxT Analysis: an R package that houses the core routines and code used for analysis and to generate visualizations.

  • MIxT Webserver: a Google GO-based package that provides the dynamic web infrastructure, including compute services for large-scale computations. This is more fully describe here bioRxiv.

  • MIxT App: an R package that serves as an intermediary between MIxT Analysis and MIxT Webserver that allows users to quickly prototype analogous dynamic websites for their own (multi-tissue) data. This is more fully described in an article in prepartion.